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Solutions for an effortless customer journey

Join other Nordic e-retailers and optimize more than your checkout flow.

Reach millions of customers

Get a tailored checkout solution

Enjoy a simple, risk-free integration

A selection of our merchants

Our products and services

Putting your customers’ satisfaction first

Modern checkout

Qliro One – Make your customers and merchants happier with more payment options, fewer checkout stages and the opportunity to add both shipping and upselling at the checkout. All included in the integration from the start.

Online offline

In Store – Give your customers the online experience in store. They choose how to pay and sign on their mobile with BankID. While we sort out the rest, you save time, increase turnover and improve customer satisfaction.

Easy consumer journey

We put user experience first and always aim for first-class customer service whether your customer gets an invoice in the app, encounters an upselling campaign at the checkout or applies for a private loan at

We boost your business

Increased profitability
To help you, we need to get to know you and the best way to do this is to analyse your data. Add this to the data from 4 million consumers and we have all the insight needed to increase your conversion.

Continuous optimization
E-commerce constantly changes, so we make sure you keep up. We troubleshoot every step from a web search to a completed transaction. And we optimize your site continuously to find new ways to increase conversion.

Seamless integration
Thanks to our technical expertise you get a risk-free Qliro integration with a dedicated project leader, 24/7 support and a reliable go-live scheme. And, of course, we help prepare your whole organisation for the change.

Access to an expert team
At Qliro we like to share our knowledge. You get a key account manager, we monitor the market trends and optimize your whole business, from how your site works and looks to conversion.

Interested in taking the next step?

Contact us here - our sales team is happy to answer your questions.

Qliro är ett ledande fintechbolag i Norden som sedan oktober 2020 är noterat på Nasdaq Stockholm.

Qliro AB, 556962-2441, är ett kreditmarknadsbolag som står under den svenska Finansinspektionens tillsyn. Säte: Stockholm.