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Once a purchase is complete, another journey begins. We take care of your customers and give them the ideal after purchase experience – that way they’ll want to shop with you again. And again.


We take care of the payments – making purchasing hassle-free for your customers. Most people only want to pay at purchase or when their stuff has arrived. For those paying on delivery, our app makes it super easy to pay an invoice, report a return, or move the payment date.

Beyond the obvious – offering your customer different payment options at checkout – we make sure that it’s safe to buy and pay. Qliro payments eliminates credit and fraud risks. It even lets customers do an extra security check with BankID before a purchase is processed.

User-centric app

Our app makes paying invoices, moving the payment dates or reporting returns simple. Even chatting with customer service is a piece of cake in our live chat.


Time to pay! When the final payment day approaches, we send out a reminder.


Nothing is more important than being able to pay easily and on time. What’s left to pay is always central to the app.


Have a question? Then just open the app and start chatting with customer service.

Help is always
close by

When a question arises, our customer service team are ready to help. Your customers can call, chat or email and expect great answers and support. It’s why our customer service is award-winning!

Not everybody
loves an app

The best payment experience is in the app. But that doesn’t mean it‘s bad experience without it. All Qliro purchases can be paid through Qliro.com (if you’re logged in) or directly from an internet bank. Invoices and other important information about the payment are also sent to a customer’s email.

”As a large e-retailer you need a partner that is reliable, flexible and that can strengthen your business and profitability. All of this we get with Qliro.”

Rickard Lyko, CEO and founder of Lyko.se