We’re still the same. But with a brand-new look.

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Qliro’s checkout has everything you would expect from a modern checkout. We call it seamless, but that’s just a nicer way of saying it’s really easy to use. Like other good checkouts, it’s designed to meet the shopper’s needs. What is unique, however, is everything around it. Everything that can’t be seen, but makes all the difference.


Since we take care of payments, we also take the risks. No matter how your customer chooses to pay, you can trust that you will be paid on time.


Sell more to your customers with the upsell module and choose your own delivery options. You can even include shipping at checkout.


The checkout is designed to high amounts of purchases simultaneously. It can even handle those days when you have exceptionally high volume peaks.

Goodbye status quo

As e-retailer pioneers, we challenge industry standards and set new trends, in terms of technology as well as customer behavior and needs. As such, you can always offer the best shopping experience to your customers.

Focus on the Nordics

Qliro’s checkout is fine-tuned for the Nordic market, but it’s also a great option for when you want to sell further afield. The checkout is available in 34 languages, and with popular payment options adapted to different markets.

Here to serve you

Nobody likes delays or hassles – everything should just work, which is why we’ve made sure many e-commerce platforms support Qliro. To ensure integration and onboarding are seamless and risk-free we’re with you throughout the entire process. Project management and go-live schedule are always included.