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Welcome to Qliro Investor Relations

Qliro, founded in 2014, is a fast growing tech company offering flexible digital payment solutions, including a complete check-out to larger e-retailers and their customers in the Nordic countries. Qliro also offer digital financial services to consumers in Sweden. On the 2nd of October Qliro was listed at Nasdaq Stockholm with the ticker "QLIRO".

Qliro has a strong and growing market position within digital payment solutions for e-commerce in Sweden, which is a market with a strong underlying growth. Qliros modern platforms makes it easy for consumers to handle their payments and consumers are also in cost-efficient matter offered products like private loans and deposits. Recently Qliro also, together with a partner, launched the possibility for consumers to get an easy overview of their insurances and the possibility to benchmark their current insurance solution with other offerings in the Qliro platform.

2.3 million

Active consumers using Qliro services

~ 50

Larger e-commerce merchants using Qliro

5,8 billion SEK

Payment volumes with Qliros products during last 12 months

6.5 billion

No of transactions with Qliros payment products last 12 months

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Should you have questions, reach out to Andreas Frid, Head of Investor Relations. Email:

Qliro is a leading fintech company in the Nordics which is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since October 2020.

Qliro AB, 556962-2441, with its registered address in Stockholm is a credit market company under supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.