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Operating our business sustainably and inspiring e-merchants and customers to make sustainable choices is important to us. In our sustainability work, we focus on three main areas: sustainable e-commerce, responsible business and lending, and being an attractive employer.

As a link between e-merchants and consumers, we want to use our technology, data and platform to drive development toward sustainable consumption. During 2020, we created a service called Retursmart, which has now been launched in our Swedish app. Its purpose is to help consumers understand the impact of returns on the environment and how they can have an influence. Our ambition is to reduce the environmental impact through a long-term reduction in the number of returns. During 2021 we launched a service called “Lifestyle Profile” in Qliro’s app where users can see their personal carbon footprint. The purpose of the service is to increase awareness about sustainable consumption.


In the area of responsible business and lending, the most important initiative has been to improve the customer experience by launching our new digital applications in the Nordic countries. It should always be easy for our customers to make payments on time, and through the digital services that we have built we have greatly simplified the process.

As an employer, we have taken major steps in the right direction by creating a strong, positive corporate culture. Interest in Qliro as an employer has increased and the likelihood that our employees would recommend us has risen significantly. We have increased employee engagement during the year and strengthened the results in every category in our periodic employee survey. It is important and encouraging that our efforts in this area are producing results, since a talented staff is the key to further developing our services in the best way.


Read more about our focus areas in our sustainability report 2020 which you will find on the link below.