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In here you find financial reports, the financial calendar, presentations, information regarding Qliros share capital, ownership etc.


25 October 2022, 07.30 AM Interim report January – September 2022


Qliros first day of trading as a separately listed company at Nasdaq Stockholm was 2nd of October 2020. Qliros ticker on Nasdaq Stockholm is “QLIRO”.


Qliro was historically a subsidiary in the listed e-commerce Group Qliro Group but was separately listed on Nasdaq Stockholm from the 2nd of October 2020. The largest owners are Rite Ventures with a 25.8% ownership and Mandatum Private Equity (Sampo) with 9.8% ownership.


Carnegie Investment Banks analysts Ermin Keric, tel +468-588 685 48 or ermin.keric@carnegie.se and Jens Hallén, tel +468-588 689 28 or jens.hallen@carnegie.se have coverage on Qliro.

Carnegie has a neutral rating on the Qliro share and a target price at 22 SEK per share


Qliros share capital amounts to 50 324 324.40 SEK divided on 17 972 973 shares with a quote value of 2,80 SEK per share.


During October 2019 Qliro issued 100 million SEK of Tier 2 bonds. The bonds are listed at Nasdaq Stockholm and have a floating rate of Stibor 3 months +6,75 per cent and have a maturity date in September 2029 with a first call date during September 2024.


Qliros target is to grow income and show scalability by growing income faster than cost. The intention is to be well-capitalised to be able to act flexible and cease growth opportunities.