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Good corporate governance, risk management and internal control are key elements in a successful business according to Qliro and provide the conditions for maintaining trust among customers, owners, employees, authorities and other stakeholders. Governance and control of Qliro are distributed between owners, the Board and the CEO in accordance with laws, rules, the articles of association and the internal policies established by the Board.


The Annual General Meeting (AGM)is the company’s highest decision-making body. At the AGM, shareholders exercise their voting rights in key issues, such as approval of income statements and balance sheets, disposition of the Company’s results, granting discharge from liability for the Board members and CEO, election of Board members and auditors and remuneration to the Board and auditors.

The next Annual General Meeting is planned to be held in Stockholm on the 17th of May 2022.


The Nomination Committee tasks are preparing proposals for the Annual General Meeting on the following issues, among others: number of Board members and auditors, chairman of the meeting, Board of Directors, Chairman of the Board, Board fees, auditors and fees to auditors


Prior to the Annual General Meeting, the Chairman of the Board shall contact the four largest owners of the Company as of August 31, each of whom shall be given the opportunity to appoint a representative to constitute the Nomination Committee together with the Chairman of the Board.


Shareholders who wish to submit proposals to the Nomination Committee are welcome to contact the Nomination Committee. In order for the Nomination Committee to be able to consider a proposal, the proposal must have been received well in advance of the Annual General Meeting. Written proposals can be sent to ir@qliro.com or to Qliro AB, to: The Nomination Committee, Box 195 25, 104 32 Stockholm, Sweden.


Christoffer Häggblom, appointed by Rite Ventures, Chairman of the Nomination Committee

Alexander Antas, appointed by Mandatum Private Equity

Thomas Krishan

Lennart Jacobsen, Chairman of Qliro


Below you will find Qliros corporate governance reports.


Below you will find the current articles of association which was approved by an EGM in Qliro AB on the 23rd of November 2020.


KPMG AB has been the Company’s auditor since 2014 and was re-elected at the 2020 Annual General Meeting for the period until the end of the next Annual General Meeting. Mårten Asplund (born 1972) is the auditor in charge. Mårten is a certified public accountant and a member of FAR. KPMG’s visiting address is Vasagatan 16, P.O. Box 382, ​​SE-101 27 Stockholm.